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How To Adjust Trunk lid so it will open with interior lever
There are 2 rubber bumpers (labeled in image Trunk lid edge cushion lower left side of image) in the trunk that will adjust the tension and make the trunk pop better. Turn the rubber stoppers out just enough to create enough tension to pop open when interior (if your sol is so equipped) lever is pulled.
just be careful not to over adjust as this will cause the rubber seals to fail and a leak will result.

[Image: delsoltrunk.jpg]
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Thank you, I needed this. :winkok)
[Image: tripp.png]
Needed this and easy fix .. Nice how to
This will help me out a ton!
[Image: 2qn1og0.jpg]

Do you think this will help with my wife's problem?? On hers you have too really slam the trunk. Otherwise the sensors keeps detecting that the trunk is still open, even though its latched.
Wouldn't hurt to try cody

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